Romanian - Modern Standard

Name, Place and Date

  • Dialect: Romanian - Modern Standard
  • Linguistic Classification: Romanian - Daco-Romanian
  • Town:
  • Region:
  • Country: Romania
  • Latitude/Longitude: 44°26'8"N 26°5'46"E
  • Linguistic Date: Twenty-first century


  • Imperative first person plural

    Forms are given here for the 1PL imperative of all verbs. While these are indeed the morphological forms used in the expression of the imperative, they are forms of the (present) subjunctive, and are preceded by the subjunctive marking particle să.

  • Supine

    Romanian grammars recognize a 'supine', a nominal form possessed by every verb and always identical in form to the (masculine singular) of the past participle. The form listed here as 'Past participle' is also the 'supine'.

  • Long infinitive

    The Latin infinitive bifurcates in Romanian into a 'short' form (here given as 'Infinitive') and a 'long' form characterized by the ending -re. All verbs have both kinds of infinitive. The latter is a (feminine) verbal noun semantically identical to the corresponding verb.