Occitan - Northern - Vivaro-Alpin - Seyne

Name, Place and Date

  • Dialect: Occitan - Northern - Vivaro-Alpin - Seyne
  • Linguistic Classification: Occitan - Northern - Vivaro-Alpin
  • Town: Seyne
  • Region: Alpes de Haute Provence
  • Country: France
  • Latitude/Longitude: 44°21'05"N 6°21'25"E
  • Linguistic Date: late 20th centruy


Quint, Nicolas. 1998. Le Parler occitan alpin du Pays de Seyne. Paris: L'Harmattan.


  • Third person plural

    There appears to be considerable variation in the third person plural endings of the present indicative and present subjunctive. There is -en or -un (with varying degrees of nasalization of the vowel). The future seems usually to have -ã, but also -õ in some cases.

  • Preterite

    There seems to be some variation between -ɛr- and -er- in the endings of this tense-form.
    There seems to be a variable presence of final -s in the 2PL.

  • Imperfect indicative and conditional

    There seems to be some variation between the formatives *'ie and *'je (sometimes 'jɛ) in the endings.

  • Romance future

    It appears that there is variation between 'as and 'a, on the one hand, and 'es and 'e, on the other, as 2SG and 3SG endings.