Francoprovençal - Valaisan - Val d'Illiez

Name, Place and Date

  • Dialect: Francoprovençal - Valaisan - Val d'Illiez
  • Linguistic Classification: Francoprovençal - Valaisan
  • Town: Illiez
  • Region: Valais
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Latitude/Longitude: 46°12'00"N 6°54'00"E
  • Linguistic Date: late 19th / early 20th century


Fankhauser, Franz (1911) Das Patois von Val d’Illiez (Unterwallis). Halle: Karras


  • Lacunae

    We have limited ourselves to representing those forms specified by Fankhauser. It is clear that in many cases the author's intention was that the missing forms should be inferred on the model of other, more fully specified, verbs, but there are some notable inconsistencies in transcription even of these latter (quite possibly reflecting what Fankhauser heard), which makes inference of other missing forms particularly hazardous.

  • Transcription

    The exact value of some of the phonetic symbols used by Fankhauser is unclear. The IPA transcription used here represents our best attempt to interpret his indications regarding the value of his symbols.