Francoprovençal - Lyonnais - Vaux

Name, Place and Date

  • Dialect: Francoprovençal - Lyonnais - Vaux
  • Linguistic Classification: Francoprovençal - Lyonnais
  • Town: Vaux
  • Region:
  • Country: France
  • Latitude/Longitude: 46°26'00"N 4°56'00"E
  • Linguistic Date: early to mid twentieth century


Duraffour, A. (1932) Description morphologique avec notes syntaxiques du parler franco-provençal de Vaux (Ain) en 1919-1931. Grenoble: Institut phonétique de Grenoble.


  • Past participle

    This dialect has a limited number of additional 'adjectival participles', with apparently stative value, for verbs of the kind that continues the Latin first conjugation, whose form indicates original stress on the lexical root. Thus past participle pasɑ, vs. 'adjectival' pasa.

  • Imperfect indicative

    Older generations have an alternative set of forms displayed here as the second-given forms for the verbs CANTARE, *kaptjare, UENDERE, DEBERE, FINIRE. This second type is reportedly more common among continuants of Latin II, III and IV conjugation verbs than in continuants of the first conjugation. The alternative forms are 'rare' in the 1sg. and 2sg., less rare in the 3sg and even less rare in the 1pl. and 3pl. See Duraffour (1932:62f.) for a discussion of some semantic and functional distinctions between the rival forms.