Dalmatian - Vegliote

Name, Place and Date

  • Dialect: Dalmatian - Vegliote
  • Linguistic Classification: Dalmatian
  • Town: Veglia/Krk
  • Region:
  • Country: Croatia
  • Latitude/Longitude: 45°01'00"N 14°34'00"E
  • Linguistic Date: late 19th / early 20th century


Bartoli, Matteo (1906),
Das Dalmatische. II: Glossare und Texte — Grammatik und Lexikon.
Wien: Hölder.


  • Nature of the data

    This interpretation is based on Bartoli 1906, and specifically on the speech of the last (semi-)speaker of Vegliote (Tuone Udaina), as presented in sections 7-49 of Bartoli's work. The data are by their nature lacunary, but they are the nearest we can come to a description of this language. For reasons of consistency, we have limited ourselves to the testimony of the last speaker. Some data on other forms, from various additional sources, may be found in Bartoli.

  • Linguistic date

    Since the last speaker died in 1898, the 'linguistic date' is, strictly speaking, 'late 19th century' only.